Your Privacy Matters


Although cosmetic injections are often thought of as a spa service, it is in fact a medical service provided by a health care professional. As a Registered Nurse, it is my obligation to protect your privacy.

I only post before and after photos of clients who have given their explicit consent for this type of use of their photos.  For this reason, you will not find photos of all of my work on all of the clients who I have provided injection services to.

Although I do get asked by potential clients to share additional photos, I am not able to do this as many clients do not want their photos to be seen by others.

Any photos that are posted with a clients consent, will not include any information about the client such as the clients name, age or any other personal health information.

In addition to knowing your photos will not be shard with anyone without your consent, you can also be confident that I will not discuss you, your health records, or your treatments with anyone.

Thank you for respecting the wishes of others.