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Kelly Cartier, RN

Kelly has 16 years experience working in the health care industry.  With a thirst for knowledge, a strong work ethic, clinical knowledge and a constant desire to do more for the people she cares for, Kelly has completed the PSW, RPN and RN programs.  In addition to her formal nursing education, Kelly has also pursued many additional educational opportunities including learning the skill of cosmetic injections.  Kelly has worked in various settings including the emergency department with clients across the continuum of life from pediatrics to Long term care.  She also has education and experience in nurse management.  Throughout her career, Kelly has taken notice that two things clients want regardless of age or health care setting is to be listened to and to feel comfortable in their own skin.  Kelly will help you achieve both of these goals by working with you and listening to your personal goals then creating a treatment plan to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


Agnus Lassier, Nurse Practitioner

Medical Director


Specialists Who Care

I believe that everyone is naturally beautiful  in their own way. My purpose is to enhance  that beauty by listening to what you want and creating personalized treatments plans that make you feel confident in yourself.